Gita Govinda

“Poetry that explores the two types of shringara rasa elaborated by Bharata in the Natyashastra “love in separation” and “love in union”. One example of which is the Gita Govinda. Text written in 12th century CE by Jayadeva. It describes the affair between the divine Krishna and mortal Radha (Source: Rasa, by Susan Schwartz, pg 49).

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Krishna dancing on head of serpent King Kaliya

Source: Youtube with description from Saurabh Parikh

  • Children play ball on the bank of the river Yamuna. Ball thrown by Kirshna falls into river. There dwells Kaliya a poisonous cobra. Krishna wants to jump in the river and get the ball. But everyone says no to him. Krishna not listening to anyone, he jumps into the river.
  • Krishna enters the kingdom of Kaliya cobra and is warned by the attendants and queens of Kaliya about his dangerous poison and nature.
  • Not listening to anyone, Krishna reaches Kaliya and challenges him and insists to go away and live elsewhere or else he may be killed.
  • Fight ensues between Krishna and Kaliya that Krishna utlimately wins. He does not kill Kaliya, but asks to get him out and leave the pious river Yamuna.

Sacred Text – Krishna avatara