Krishna dancing on head of serpent King Kaliya

Source: Youtube with description from Saurabh Parikh. 

  • Children play ball on the bank of the river Yamuna. Ball thrown by Kirshna falls into river. There dwells Kaliya a poisonous cobra. Krishna wants to jump in the river and get the ball. But everyone says no to him. Krishna not listening to anyone, he jumps into the river.
  • Krishna enters the kingdom of Kaliya cobra and is warned by the attendants and queens of Kaliya about his dangerous poison and nature.
  • Not listening to anyone, Krishna reaches Kaliya and challenges him and insists to go away and live elsewhere or else he may be killed.
  • Fight ensues between Krishna and Kaliya that Krishna utlimately wins. He does not kill Kaliya, but asks to get him out and leave the pious river Yamuna.

Sacred Text – Krishna avatara